A Natural And Collaborative

Approach To Health And Wellness

St. Joseph Health and Wellness Center is a facility that leases space to health care businesses and providers. These providers enjoy collaborating together for the benefit of the patient.

Our building has been newly remodeled to provide a warm, non-intimidating environment for our patients, allow for social distancing, and a place where all are welcome.

We have a very loving, hypo-allergenic service dog named Sully (standard poodle) who loves to greet you at the door.

Come see what we are all about! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Current Tenants

The Perfect Fit

Do you struggle with your health? The Perfect Fit specializes in semi-private and one-on-one training. You will get goal-specific workouts, accountability to nutrition, and friends to cheer you on!

Muscle Activation Technique

MAT is a revolutionary approach to assess a client’s muscular system to determine what muscles are not working correctly and fix the problem. It can restore function and correct muscle weakness.

A To Zinc Nutrition

Are you tired of feeling sick, or sick of feeling tired? Are you in constant pain? Trying to find answers to your health challenges is time consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Look no more! With the right tools and expertise, you can reach optimal health.